Why Should People with Celiac Disease Care about Wheat Germ?

People who suffer from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease need to avoid gluten in order to stay healthy. Those who have an intolerance will likely have digestive discomfort if gluten is ingested. And those with Celiac disease will suffer from attacks to the small intestine with any amount of gluten. They might try to find out if products that typically have wheat have any gluten. Many hear about the health benefits of wheat germ and wonder- is there gluten in wheat germ?

Unfortunately, all wheat products do have gluten. But there is a good reason that these people with gluten disorders should try to keep searching for products with the same health benefits as wheat germs.

These individuals should be especially health conscientious in searching to get the right vitamins and minerals. One problem with a gluten free diet is that people do not get enough B vitamins that others usually get from whole grain wheat or enriched bread. This can cause a wide range of disorders and even eventually lead to a psychosis. So while there might be gluten in wheat germ, people with gluten intolerance still need the benefits that wheat products provide.